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Address: 1 Square Rene Cassin
City: Rennes

Country: France

Zip: 35700

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BBright delivers Advanced Media Processing and Monitoring products to the professional video industry. Create, Transport, and Play the best quality content! BBright company focuses on unstoppable media transitions towards 4K – Ultra HD, Full-HD/1080p, HEVC, HDR, NGA, multiscreen and content delinearization. BBright develops high-end software-based technologies running on broadcast-grade appliances or VM. Advanced Media processing solutions are available for Live Ingest and baseband Playout, TS-based/Compressed Playout, professional Contribution and Monitoring Decoders and reference Test and QC systems. BBright serves various Tier #1 customers worldwide such as broadcast equipment manufacturers, UHD / 4K / 8K content vendors, video network operators (Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable), Telco operators (IPTV) and public or private TV channels.

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Maximize your video density with ST-2110, BBright

Maximize your video density with ST-2110

Saturday, September 24 11:30 AM - Saturday, September 24 12:30 PM

BBright & Matrox will go through ST-2110 key benefits and typical customer use cases. Speakers: - Guillaume Arthuis (BBright CEO) & Marwan (Al-Habbal, Matrox, OEM Product Manager) Agenda: Introduction SMPTE 2110 quick overview Matrox and SMPTE 2110 vision ST 2110 Benefits to implement scalable video decoding Density & cost vs SDI based setup Make UHD transition seamless BBright ST 2110 Decoder use case Let’s look ahead: ST 2110-22? Do we still need transport stream? Q&A


Category: Education Training

New Products

UHD-Decode - Multichannel J2K / HEVC / AVC Decoder, BBright

UHD-Decode - Multichannel J2K / HEVC / AVC Decoder

- Versatile contribution and monitoring decoder supporting HEVC/H264/MPEG2 and JPEG2000 - Up to 8 HD Channels or 2 Ultra HD Channels per decoder - Multi format outputs with SMPTE 2110 / SDI / HDMI - Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision compatible - Low power (25W per channel)


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